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Document Restoration

Antique Document Restoration And Preservation

In the event of a fire, flood or other disasters, CORE Group can help you preserve these confidential and valuable files with years of experience and expert knowledge in file recovery and recovery.

These experts are experienced in document recovery and paper document recovery. Due to the advancement of technology, we can restore and restore almost all types of documents, from restoring documents on standard paper to restoring damaged photos and restoring documents on other media.

Recover damaged documents or photos immediately for best recovery results. Our team uses various scientific methods and industry-leading equipment to efficiently retrieve your documents. Whether it is paper documents or important photos exposed to water, the CORE document recovery team uses adsorption drying, vacuum freeze dryers, thermal vacuum or freeze dryers and molecular sieves to restore documents, books, and other photographic and paper materials.

What can be saved?

Books: Parchment, pulp paper, drawing tablecloths, textbooks, reference materials, manuals, letters

Business/personal documents: law/bank /Company records medical and patient files, X-ray images, architectural and technical plans and drawings, catalogs, reference materials, certificates, contracts, passports, transcripts, tax reports

Collector’s items: archival documents, rare documents, cards, Stamp collections, currency collections

Souvenirs: photos, leather and leather products, newspaper articles, recipe books, postcards, scrapbooks, children’s books, wedding books, yearbooks, baskets, awards, and success

Textiles: embroidery and sewing, silk, tapestries

Artwork: acrylic painting, spruce drawing

CORE Group’s document recovery process includes the subsequent recovery of documents, books, and other photo paper and photo paper materials. Artistic cleaning methods, such as removing particles. Sponge, ion air flushing, and various deodorizing methods.

In the event of a flood, we use vacuum freezing technology and vacuum freeze heat dryers to recycle paper materials such as photos, books, and documents. Slow down the decay process. These are the most common ways to accomplish most of the work water or fire damage may cause mold or chemical damage. In this case, our technicians will use gamma rays to kill the mold at the molecular level and disinfect the files. Complete the microbial disinfection and deodorization process to remove soot. Or any other chemical substances that may be hazardous to health.

We have proven methods to quickly and safely store valuable documents to ensure accurate and meaningful inventory, and to safely transfer documents to a safe place without causing serious damage.

They are of strategic significance throughout the country. Our team’s methods and state-of-the-art equipment distinguish us from other companies in the country and enable us to effectively recover your important documents. Any damage caused by emergencies or natural disasters is essential for immediate file recovery and recovery. Our team of experts will restore your files to the state they were in before they were thought to be in irreparable condition.